5 Staple Shoes for Summer 2017

5 Staple Shoes for Summer 2017

Its summer time yal! And with a new season fashion trends tend to always shift and change, and yes, this is the perfect excuse to become a victim of consumerism and splurge on pieces that we deff do not need but desperately want! YOLO! So today I wanted to share a curated list of all the styles I think you should be sporting this summer! 



So the first ones I wanted to point out are prob my favorites at the moment, VANS! I'm sure you've been seeing these a lot all over Instagram or when you're out and about, everyone from Justin Bieber to Bella Thorne is rocking them again, and I am loving it. I used to own like two pairs back when I was in high school, through the years I got rid of them as trends evolved, but like they say, fashion is a cycle, everything comes back, and here we are today! These are my top picks! *click on pictures to be redirected to website*.



Now sneakers are just essentials for any season, at least for me honestly. I'm all about keeping it stylish and comfortable, easily achieved with the right pair of sneakers! The Adidas Superstars have been a favorite of mine for the past year or so, but here are other alternatives I think are super cool looking!  




Okay so if you've been following me for a while you would know how obsessed I am with my Chelsea boots and just how much wear I get out of these! I mean my mom told me once they're gonna start walking out of the house on their own just because I really do wear them that much! I don't know, I just think they look so cool and they add so much "attitude" to an outfit, kind of like when you throw on a nice biker jacket, I get the same feeling.    




Loafers are a great option for when you want to take your summer outfit to the next level. Dinner-dates, walks around town, or any sort of outing, these are guaranteed to make you look more put-together. Whether you choose to wear dress pants or jeans, loafers will add the final touch to your attire. 




Last but not least, I think high-tops are super dope and comfortable, much like regular sneakers. This style has taken the fashion world by storm and we have Kanye to thank for that, after the YEEZY Season 3 debut, the Boost 750 has been replicated/emulated by almost every single brand there is and I'm not mad about it, not everyone can afford to spend a month's worth of rent on shoes lol. Anyhow I think these are a must have for the summer months!   

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Thank you always for reading.