6 Tips to Help You Have a Better Day!

6 Tips to Help You Have a Better Day!

Imagery by: Eddy Lieva 


It is MONDAY! The first day of the week, we have to get back in the grind, go to work, school and whatnot, now we all know this can be challenging, so here are some simple but crucial tips to try and make today (and every day) a better one!


1. Seize the Day! Wake up Early!

Nothing will make you feel more accomplished than getting chores and errands done early in the morning! Whether it is at work or at home, this simple step will help you get a good head-start on your day! 

2. Do NOT skip Meals!

Now this one hits home for me, whenever I don't eat in time or skip meals throughout the day I get a massive headache, nothing ruins my day more than feeling crappy, and in pain! Not to mention the obvious, food gives you energy and energy keeps you awake and focused! 

3. Work out!

It is scientifically proven that working out helps your all-around mood,  it improves self-perception which will make you feel confident and good about yourself! Exercising also stimulates your brain to produce "happy" hormones called endorphins! You don't necessarily have to go to a gym, gyms are not for everyone and that is fine! Bike rides, pull ups and push ups, you name it, there is a ton of exercises you can do at home without having to pay a membership every month! 

4. Smile!

Okay so this one might sound cheese but trust me, or better yet, trust science. Much like working out, smiling also triggers your brain to release "happy" hormones, the more you smile the better you'll feel, and you'll feel the change almost instantly! 

5. Try yoga, meditation or just simply BREATH!

Yoga and meditation decrease stress, this will allow you to be more focused and alert! Also, when under tension or stressed out, something as simple as taking deep-slow breaths will decrease your heart rate and therefore calm you down and help you think better!

6. Plan Ahead! 

I find this step is crucial to improve the quality of my day. Whenever I plan myself out, come up with a to-do list on my phone or keep up with my calendar I get a better sense of purpose throughout the day. I can be "brain scattered" at times so this definitely helps me accomplish more and saves me time on a daily basis!    

I hope these help! Enjoy your day, and thank you ALWAYS for reading!

Till next time. XX -A.