The Band Tee & Long-Length shirt Trend

The Band Tee & Long-Length shirt Trend
Band Tee:  HOTTOPIC   Undershirt & Pants:  H&M    Photography by   Elizabeth Molina

Band Tee: HOTTOPIC  Undershirt & Pants: H&M 

Photography by Elizabeth Molina

Can we take a minute to talk about this trend? Sure by now we've all seen Justin Bieber, Jbalvin  (click their names to view) and a ton of other influencers layering long-length undershirts with classic-rock band tees. Its become huge in the last year or so and it's likely you've seen it a few times scrolling through your IG timeline. I have to admit though, I did NOT like it at first but now I actually think it looks dope, and besides, I'm all about embracing change. If you're anything like me and have been thinking about putting an outfit like this together but don't know where to get the pieces from, wonder no more, I've provided links to the stores I'm wearing for this post! There are higher-end brands of course like Fear of God and Common Projects (great for shoes & pants) that cater to people that sport this trend on a daily, so if you're into it you should definitely check those out! On a side note, I'm sure some of you think this style doesn't quite suit me, "not something you would wear" type of thing, specially because I'm not one to wear graphic tees or baggy ones for that matter, I'm more of a minimalist when it comes to casual dressing, one solid-plain color type of guy, but, that's the beauty of fashion and trends, we have the liberty to try and see what works best for us!

Till next time. Xx