4 Autumn Wardrobe Staples Every Guy Should Own!

4 Autumn Wardrobe Staples Every Guy Should Own!

Every season comes with a dress code, this is your autumn style - guide!

This is probably my second favorite out of the four seasons, granted here in Florida leaves don't really change colors at all, but I've had the chance to experience fall up north in past years and it is absolutely stunning! The hues, the "cozy" vibe in the air, the pumpkin lattes, and of course, the clothes! Every season comes with a "dress code" of some sort as we all know, and during autumn it's all about plaid-flannel shirts, knit sweaters and rain coats, as far as shoes go, boots and sneakers are the way to go this time of year! Here's four staple pieces you should invest-on that will help you nail your fall outfits like a boss! 

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1. A Flannel Shirt

2.  A Rain Coat or Jacket

3. A pair of Smart Boots & Sneakers

4. A Lightweight knit Sweater 

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