A Perfect Summer Outfit
Shirt:  H&M   Photography:  Alberto Madrid  

Shirt: H&M

Photography: Alberto Madrid 

This summer has been brutal so far, specially here in Florida 'cause it gets WAY too hot and humid, and nasty and sticky and.. well, you get the idea. When it comes to dressing, summer is my least favorite season of the year, I feel like I get somewhat lazy, and since its 1 mil degrees outside sometimes I tend to opt for simpler pieces that can make my outfits look pretty boring (I wish I could wear leather jackets and layers all-year-round is what I'm trying to say) and I am sure lots of you have the same struggle. With that being said, I hate the feeling of a basic or plain attire so I've been trying my best to embrace summer colors and vibes while wearing cotton, or other breath-through fabrics and mostly short-sleeve casual shirts which are easily found at H&M and Forever21. Obviously me being me I still incorporate my signature "skinny-jeans n' Chelsea boots" look. I once heard someone say "don't dress for the weather" not sure if its a quote from a movie or a book but its stuck with me, now there is weather and then there's Florida weather though LOL so as much as I'd like to throw on a dope jacket it would not be logical. Anyhow, with this post I wanted to give you some inspiration and ideas on how to put a decent summer outfit together when in doubt, I hope everyone is enjoying these sunny months. Stay golden.

Till next time ;) Xx