Dear Future Self,


I hope you're happy, I hope you finally got that apartment with all white interiors, with at least one red-brick wall and big glass windows. I really really hope you passed that stupid exam you prepped-for for a whole *effin year hah.  

I hope you’ve finally learned that sometimes is good to let go and start again and that no matter what, you will always find your way.

I hope you have come to accept your imperfections and to not be so hard on yourself, its all good dude, really!

I hope you have learned to control your anxiety, and that you've joined a yoga class. Hope you're drinking more water.  

I hope you come to appreciate your parents more, and those around you who are willing to love and accept you unconditionally, and even those who don't! I hope you have learned to forgive and forget. 

I hope you light up every room you walk into. I hope you're still as ambitious as you were the day you wrote this.

I hope you've kept your promises. 

I hope you're still a good friend and an even better boyfriend. 

I hope by now you have understood the fact that not everything or everyone is permanent, that people come into your life to either bless you or teach you a lesson, keep on learning those lessons.. 

I also really hope you've made it to Europe by now, oh and Japan of course!

I hope you started reading books again. And that you still have passion for writing and creating.

I hope you know where you're going, and if you don't, that's okay too! It's okay to be clueless about the future! 

But most of all, I hope from the deepest part of me you believe you are enough just the way you are... Can you see that now Andrés?  


Sincerely, yourself.