How to Pose for Instagram Like a Pro!

Imagery by Vanessa Lovos

I am far from a pro,

But I can teach you a thing or two!

Posing for pictures can be very intimidating, awkward, scary, specially when there’s people around. Yes, I do feel all those things as well when I’m out in public shooting, and so does every single IG baddie you follow, I assure you no one is exempt from this, we all have a fear of being judged or laughed at, though it does get easier with time and practice, and after three years (in May) of shooting three to four outfits almost every weekend of the month I have picked up a few tips along the way.

Naturally, with every new thing you try in life it can be rough when you first start, and posing is almost like style, super personal, you have to know your angles and find what works for you. It is very much a “trial-and-error” type of deal. So in todays post I want to go over a list of things I started doing a few months back that I feel have improved my posing-skills!


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1.Start Moving!

Recently I’ve been trying to incorporate some “energy” and “life” to my photos. I was getting tired of scrolling through my own feed and always seeing myself hold the same posture picture after picture, just kind of standing there, not much excitement going on. So to change that I just started moving around while Vanessa takes my pictures, aiming to capture a cool moment in time, the shot that would capture my eye and make me want to click on it if I saw it on the discovery page. To make sure you don’t miss the perfect moment you’re gonna want to set your camera settings to high “continuous shutter” speed! And the same can be done if you shoot with your iPhone, simply hold down the button for a few seconds to activate “burst” mode!

2.Don’t Mind them

I know it is easier said than done but try your best not to mind people around you, even if they stop and stare, most of the time they’re just curious at what you’re doing. Realize you most likely will never see them again.

3.Use Props

Nothing will make a picture pop and look “natural”more than incorporating props in your shot! You can use every day objects, a cup of coffee, a magazine, an umbrella, you name it. Even friends can be props too, naturally talking and interacting with someone as your photographer captures every moment of it, I assure you this will help you take the awkwardness away and will make it look effortless.


4.Practice makes perfect!

And lastly the one thing you can do to master posing more than anything else is practicing! As I mentioned before, get to know the angles that flatter you and just let loose, make sure you take lots of pictures so you’re able to then pick a few good ones and go from there!

Let me know in the comments bellow if there’s anything else you do to get that perfect shot, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading kids. Xx