How to Get Out of a Style Rut

How to Get Out of a Style Rut

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I’ve been going through it. This happens to me every so often, and it absolutely blows, going through a style-rut that it. Not to sound superficial but for someone who’s whole motive and inspiration behind posting and writing revolves around style it can become an issue… That does sound superficial, doesn’t it? Well I’m fine with that, ha.

If you follow my Instagram you would have seen I mentioned this a few days back. I am someone very drawn to visuals, so the way I look and how I perceive myself is very important to me. I am also someone who gets bored of the same routine quite often, and my personal style is no exception to that, I see myself wanting to change and add new pieces to my wardrobe more than my wallet can handle.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who goes through this, and I’m also sure the reason behind it is how influenced we are by different people, cultures, trends whether it be on our socials, TV, media in general, we are constantly bombarded with a variety of concepts and ideas of how we should dress, therefore it is really easy to sort of lose your personal sense of style.

So today I’m writing this post for myself, so that the next time this happens I can come on here, read it over and use it as a starting point. With no further ado the following is a list of steps you can take to get out of a style rut!

“fashion fades, style is eternal”

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1.Clean Up

Donate it, sell it, burn it, get rid of all the pieces you don’t want, wear or absolutely love anymore, that way you’ll have space for the things you do want. The first step to finding your style again is cleaning up the clutter. I take this approach for a lot of different aspects in my life, when I study I organize my room first, when I’m packing for a trip I have to hang the clothes I have laying around first, I don’t start until everything is organized. Having a clean canvas will help you make better decisions. Put the pieces that you feel your best in front and center, so that way when you’re putting your next outfit together you’ll see them right away!

Something else you might want to clean up and curate is your Instagram feed. As I mentioned in the intro, I truly feel we are being influenced by too many outlets & sources. Sort out the accounts that really inspire you and unfollow or mute the rest.

2.Find new Inspo

Remember that Pinterest account you had back in 2012 but left vacant after a year or two? Time to open that sucker up again. Honestly whenever I have absolutely no idea what I’m gonna wear I refer to my “outfits & shoes” board and it never fails me, I’ve been consistently updating it lately and it is so much easier when you can store everything in one place. Instagram has the “save” option now as well which comes in very handy so once you see an outfit you really like and you think you can recreate with your own twist, make sure to save it!

3.Develope a go-to outfit

Having a go-to outfit you know you look bomb in will not only save you time when you’re in a pinch but also keep you from having to organize 30 minutes worth of clothes being sprawled across your bedroom from trying half your closet on and not finding anything suitable for the given occasion. Obviously the more go-to outfits you can come up with the better, start by choosing the pieces you feel your absolute best in.

4. $pend if you can

Invest on new clothes if you can. It doesn’t even have to be a lot of items, maybe one or two of good quality and versatility, like a navy blue blazer for example, pieces that you can style different outfit with and for different occasions. Sure trends change every season and styles come and go but there are staple pieces that never go out of style, those are the ones you need to spend on.


Allow yourself to experiment, fashion and style should be something fun, try a different approach. Accessories can turn a boring outfit into a show stopper. Take a plain white t-shit, add two or three necklaces or a scarf and it’ll automatically elevate the look. Get some inexpensive jewelry, rings, bracelets or some cool sunnies and pair them with something you’ve already worn over, it will look totally different.

6.Change up Your Look

A lot of the time a style rut has something to do with our appearance, not so much the clothes we own. Now might be the time where you need to get a haircut or change up your hairstyle altogether. Get rid of your scruff and stubble or maybe grow a beard and keep it well groomed. Having a fresh new cut can make everything you wear feel different and make you stand taller. It really is all about self perception and how you carry yourself!