6 Things you Should be doing to take Care of your Mental Health!

6 Things you Should be doing to take Care of your Mental Health!

The mind is a powerful thing... 

Being that October 10th was World Mental Health day I wanted to shed some light on this subject. I think we millennials are so caught up on the superficial b.s, things like our bodies, what kind of car we should be driving, what clothes we should be wearing, and the list goes on, which ultimately leaves us neglecting far more important areas of life such as our mental health. Now I am not saying everything I previously mentioned isn't important, as a matter of fact all those aspects contribute to our mental well-being, I'm very aware self-perception can make us or break us, but everything to an extend kids! I think balance is key, and our happiness shouldn't depend on those things alone, there is a variety of other measures that should be taken into account when taking care of our mental health, and here are some that have worked for me in the past!       



1. Talk to someone

"this world makes you crazy and you've taken it all you can bear, just call me up because I will always be there" - True Colors

Life is too hard to go through it on our own, don't be afraid to reach out, I'm not saying you have to pay for therapy, though if you have the money go for it! Simply just verbalizing your problems and having a friend or family member hear you out can ease the stress of whatever is consuming your thoughts, getting someone else's perspective and feedback could potentially make you realize things aren't as bad as you think they are, and that it will get better for you! 


2. Become "centered", spend quality time, on your own!

Being centered means having a reference point, a place to come back to when life and emotions push you off balance. I personally achieve this by spending quiet time on my own, there's nothing like coming home after a long day of dealing with people's nonsense and being able to have "me" time! Light up some candles, take a hot bath and listen to Me, Myself & I by Beyonce. haha no, it doesn't necessarily have to be that song but you get the point! The idea here is for you to relax and find your balance again!    



3. Read self-help forums

Okay so I cannot be the only one who turns to Google every time somethings eating at me, there is literally a gazillion blogs and forums about self help, written by real people with real problems just like you and I! I guaranty you someone, somewhere in the world is going through the same thing you're going through, reading about it will make you realize you're are not alone in this!     



4. Get some rest

A major part of being in a healthy mental state is getting enough sleep, lack of sleep can not only boost your anxiety levels but also even make you experience paranoia and forgetfulness. If you can afford to take a nap throughout the day as well do it, you deserve it anyways ;) 

5. Avoid Anxiety Triggers

Take it from someone who has suffered from anxiety in the past, my therapist would always tell me to not put myself in situations where my anxiety would go through the roof, something as simple as keeping from watching horror movies for example has helped me a lot, believe it or not! Sit somewhere quiet and reflect on those things that trigger your anxiety, then figure out how to avoid them or how to cope with them as much as you can, sometimes our triggers might even be people we surround ourselves with...   


6. Unwind by doing things you enjoy 

Treat yo' self! Find something you enjoy doing, something that bring you happiness. To balance work and play. It is so easy to get burned out in today's society, time just  passes by so quickly, sometimes we live to put money in someone else's pocket from 9-5 then go home and don't work on our own goals, make it a habit to set some time apart everyday to unwind and do something you're passionate about! I promise you it will keep you sane!