Weekend Getaway to Boston!

Imagery by Danny & Me

Guys! Just had the most amazing three-day weekend getaway, went to Boston to visit my buddy Danny and his wife Paula. Life has been throwing lots of curve balls at me lately and I needed a change of scenery, at least for a few days. It happened to be Boston-Marathon-Monday so they were off from work (everyone gets that Monday off in Boston) worked out perfectly!

It was only three days but we did SO MUCH, I landed around 11:00am Saturday April 13th, and by 2:00pm we were already driving to Salem, about 35 minutes away from Boston. Salem was such a cool experience, if you’re familiar with their history you’d know why.

After walking around Salem for a few hours we headed to Rockport to meet some of Paula’s friends. Rockport is by the water and it has really cool, cozy restaurants and stores. My first time eating boiled lobster, they taught me how to take it apart and take the meat out, it was different lol.   

Fun-fact: Rockport is actually where the movie The Proposal was filmed, not in Alaska! 

On Sunday we went to a Redsox baseball game, at the Fenway Park stadium, which is apparently the oldest, still running major-league stadium in the U.S. Then Monday we went to watch the marathon, probably the most interesting part of the trip, to see so many people who travel from all parts of the world to take part in this race.

Boston is such a fun city to escape to, its crazy how it isn’t on a lot of peoples bucket list of places to visit. It definitely left me feeling very lucky to have the friends that I have. I feel recharged and inspired.

“Travel, money comes back, time does not!”