Is Mercury in Retrograde?

Is Mercury in Retrograde?

Imagery by Eddy Lieva  

Well dang, it actually is!

I just googled it and indeed Mercury started retrograding yesterday! Crashed electronic devices, tension at work, missed flights? It's not you, its the universe! 

I knew there was something in the air lol. In the last few days things have not been going my way, to say the least. Received a few not-so-good news, one of them being I have fluid in my right knee, I know, I was shocked too when those words slipped out of my doctor's mouth, I don't remember falling or injuring myself whatsoever, and I'm only 25 for crying out loud, but as it turns out age don't mean a thing when it comes to torn ligaments. I've already scheduled physical therapy for the next 3 weeks, and I am praying that'll fix whatever's going on in there. 

While I'm at it, I also want to blame the lack of communication between me and other parties on this celestial event *insert narrowed-eye emoji. For the past few days communicating to people in my life has been extremely difficult, things have not gone smoothly and there has been a lot of tension with family and friends due to the fact that I guess everyone thinks I've developed psychic abilities and I'm able to figure out whats going on in people's lives without any sort of notice, I want to officially throw it out there I do not posses supernatural powers, so please inform me whenever something is expected of me.

You've been warned, get your good-energy crystals out and try to stay unbothered for the next upcoming weeks hah. On a lighter note my birthday is coming up, I'm already starting to plan a trip which makes me super excited, last year I went to Chicago & New York with my other half, I can't wait to go somewhere new this time around, there's something about traveling that makes me feel so alive, though airports make me super anxious is a small price I'm willing to pay, I'm thinking Cali? We'll see, stay tuned for pictures!  

Well that's it for today kids. Wishing you all a good rest of the month, stay safe and positive. Has anything out of the ordinary happened to you in the last few days? I want to know, make sure to share in the comment section below! 

Till next time . Xx -A