Life at the Moment

Life at the Moment


I have a plan... 

So today is Saturday, May 16th, (not sure when this post will go live) I slept in for the first time in God knows how long. I still have 2 jobs, working at a local hospital Mon-Fri and then a restaurant on the weekends but now only on Sundays, I was getting burnt out as you can imagine, working 7 days a week really takes its toll on you! 

Woke up around 10am, made myself a cup of coffee and just sat down looking out my bedroom window, I find I spend a lot of time indoors, editing pictures, binge watching YouTube videos, online browsing, etc. That's how its been for the past 6 months give or take, it is nearly impossible to feel inspired, I don't get out there much, life isn't "happening" to put it simply, so today I decided to throw something super casual on and go to Barnes & Nobles for a change, which is where I'm writing this from, I'm currently sat inside the Barnes & Nobles cafe, at the bar staring out a huge glass window, hearing people chat and just taking in the moment. Nothing special, but it makes me feel carefree and just lucky to be alive right here, right now. 

I crave and long for change so desperately... 

I'm thinking about a 6-month to a year plan, I want to save up some money, maybe 7K and just do something with it, either put a down paymet on a studio apartment or just leave Naples altogether, truth is I feel like my life is passing by, nothing really ever happens, I crave and long for change so despertely that it gives me horrible anxiety. If you've been following me for a while you know I've talked about this before. Only here on my blog though, not on Instagram or anywhere else, because the people who actually take their time to come on here and type this url on their computers are the only ones worth seeing the vulnerable side of me..