My Summer Essentials!


  • a thing that is absolutely necessary.

Whether it is an item of clothing, a product or accessory, certain things I find an absolute necessity. I call these things essentials, so today I am sharing with you my personal top 5 essentials I'm currently obsessed with!  


1.Persol Shades 

I've actually had these for a while but I just recently started wearing them very often again. These are the Persol 2999-S and let me tell you, if you're not familiar with Persol you should definitely visit Sunglass Hut next time you go to the mall and check their selection. These are manually put together in Italy, and you can just tell the quality is above average! I've always been a fan of the wayfarer shape and the best thing about these is that they are polarized!  



2.Eros by Versace 

I wore Bleu by Chanel for years, that was always my "signature scent" then just a month ago I decided to change it up a bit and went shopping for a new cologne, the sales associate at Dillard's went through about 10 different bottles but nothing really caught my attention, once he showed me this one though, SOLD! It is not too overpowering yet you can still smell it from across the room which is perfect.    


3.Bondi-Sands Spray Tan 

I know its summer and I know it may seem easier and more logical to just go out and sunbathe but I actually am terrified of developing skin cancer or something, I'm not being extra, global warming is real yal lol. This apparently is the number one spray-tan in Australia, and rightly so! A quick tip for spray-tanning: get a mitt! I got an $8 mitt off of amazon and it looks fairly natural, I no longer get that "orangy" or patchy tan I used to get in the past with other products! Oh and this particular spray is coconut scented!   


4.Noir for Men - Body Lotion  

Skin care is not something I've been "big-on". I know, I feel like slapping myself across the mouth after saying that, but its true, I have been super careless in the past when it comes to that. Now the reason why I got this is because weirdly enough this lotion smells A LOT like Eros by Versace, so it was a no brainer for me.      


5.GlamGlow's SUPERMUD 

Lastly but definitely not least is the SuperMud charcoal mask by GlamGlow. You've probably seen me using it on snapchat or my instastories. Charcoal seems to be super popular atm, I've noticed lots of products with charcoal in them when I go to stores, from soap to even toothpaste! Honestly this mask does wonders and smells bomb. My skin feels super smooth and tight after I rinse it off. I use it about once a week.


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