The French; Downtown Naples

The French; Downtown Naples

You guys, this place is bomb! Simple as that!


Just by looking at the pictures you can already tell how delicious this food was. The environment was really chill, specially after two glasses of Rosé *wink.  Ale and I arrived there around 6 pm and were greeted by the hostess, we sat outside under a tree that was strategically planted right in the center of the patio area, as a final touch to the perfect ambiance this restaurant already has. Slow music playing, happy-looking customers dining facing 5th avenue, top notch service, The French makes for the perfect date night, birthday dinner and whenever you're in the mood to go out and treat yourself and loved ones to a fancy dinner, OR, if you just feel like lettin' that liquor get into you, there's also a bar with a wide variety of options. Honestly, for me the experience was unmatched. Right by the time we had finished eating Mr. Vicenzo Betulia, the owner himself stepped out of the kitchen to snap a picture with us, the most personable - down to earth guy! I will definetly be going back with family and friends and you should too!   

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365 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102