Let's Talk about Confidence

Let's Talk about Confidence
Shirt:  H&M   Pants:  PacSun   Shoes:  ALDO   Photography:  Alberto Madrid  

Shirt: H&M  Pants: PacSun  Shoes: ALDO

Photography: Alberto Madrid 

For a long time in my life, throughout my teenage years I didn’t believe I could do the things I wanted to do. I wanted to be a writer for a while but never considered myself creative enough to come up with pages and pages of content that would interest anyone. Then I tried song writing, and even tried to learn to play the guitar and the piano but that fizzled out after a while as well. Sometimes we don't see the potential we have and its because we lack confidence, and I feel like this is such a huge part of NOT feeling content with oneself. I am certain a lot of you can relate to this so for today's post I've decided to go over a few things to consider that will help you build your self confidence.    

Choose your Companion

Surround yourself with people that build you up and celebrate your qualities not with those that are quick to point out your short-fallings. And at the same time, compliment those who are around you, magnify their strengths and not their weaknesses and THAT you will get in return!

Get Ready to Bounce Back

If you fail, get back up, as simple as that. I think not giving things another try threatens our confidence more that actually failing. It is always important to try and try again! And at the same time, why not? have a plan B if all else fails.. 

Be Mentally Prepared for Hate

Whatever you set out to do it is more than likely that once people see you succeeding they will hate and make you second guess yourself. If you run into opposition, questions or doubts understand there’s probably a good reason behind it, you're on the right path, DO NOT let that bad energy be a set back, rather let yourself be encouraged by it! You DO NOT need anyones validation but your own!

Take steps out of your Comfort Zone

Every day do something that you normally would not do, something that intimidates you. Maybe you've been wanting to speak to someone at the gym, or perhaps you've been interested in joining a club at school but you feel shy about it. Push yourself to overcome those fears, it will build your character and you will benefit a lot from doing so in the long run. Always remember LIFE TRULY OPENS UP WHEN YOU DO...

Be Aware of Your Potential

This is really important, always be aware of yourself and know where you fall short and what you are able to give! Do not confuse confidence with cockiness! Yes, believe in yourself and do not let others make you feel like you're less but always keep your feet on the ground, it will make you a happier individual!  

Repeat to yourself: I am Enough the way that I am

Sometimes we think less of ourselves because we compare ourselves to others, as I've mentioned on previous posts this is the single worst thing you can do when it comes to your confidence, everyone has a journey and a path, and not all that glitters is gold. Work on your goals and stay focused, don't look at other people but rather concentrate on achieving whatever it is you want.  No one is you and that is your power... whatever it is you bring to the table only YOU can bring, you're special and unique!

"a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.. it just blooms"