10 Affordable Pairs of Jeans for Spring!

Imagery by Vanessa Lovos

Got Denim?

Ah jeans.. what would we do without them?!

Within the last 3 months I have purchased about 4 pairs of jeans. I had been wearing joggers & trouser for so long that I got bored of the same look, and the jeans I did have in my closet were all skin-tight, which are just.. not it right now. So being the compulsive buyer I am I did what I did.

Now, that got me thinking, with the beginning of spring I can’t be the only one in the mood to add new pieces to my wardrobe. Jeans are (or should be anyways) just such a staple in the modern men’s closet. Aside from being practical, and super easy to wear, if styled the right way they can really make an outfit stand out. Which is why for this post I went on an online-hunt for affordable denim. Because no ones wants to break the bank, but we all want and deserve to look our best.

Three out of the four jeans I recently purchased were from ASOS, which is where all the jeans I’m recommending for this post are from! I had seen this brand being tagged and mentioned all over Instagram and YouTube by, basically all the bloggers I follow but didn’t actually start buying from them up until this point! All their clothes is designed in England so I’d say they’re pretty up-to-date with the latest fashion trends!


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