Imagery by Vanessa Lovos

I’m ecstatic at the course fashion trends are taking.

In the last few months to a year I’ve been very heavily inspired by K-Pop and South Korean trends, lots of oversize pieces and the so called “ugly fashion”. I was so pleased to see these tendencies make their way into some of my favorite Fall 2019 fashion shows that just wrapped. It’s a very exciting period in the industry at the moment to say the least, very fascinating.

I shot this look last week and it is probably one of my favorite ones to date, the clothes felt as comfortable as they look! To be honest, I was a little skeptical about the pants, I usually don’t wear that wide of a “fit” but I’m glad I bought them. I feel like that’s the beauty of clothes/fashion, taking risks, reinventing yourself once in a while. The blazer actually belongs to my dad LOL, I know, this was probably the first time I’ve been sort of glad he’s overweight and I feel horrible admitting it…

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On a different note, I’ve been super productive since my last entry on here. And as I mentioned, there is now a new unboxing of the sneakers I’m wearing in these pictures live on my YouTube channel, it would mean the world to me if you checked that video out and subscribed to my channel. I’m actually really proud of how it turned out, my creative process is horrible, I always feel so unsure and unhappy with the raw product to the point where I just want to delete everything and throw my computer out the window, then I love it once I’m finally done editing it. Can anyone else relate?