6 Tips to Help You Nail Your OOTD Pictures!

6 Tips to Help You Nail Your OOTD Pictures!
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Shirt & Shoes:   Jcrew    Vest:   Express    Jeans:   Diesel      Photography:   Alberto Madrid

Shirt & Shoes: Jcrew  Vest: Express  Jeans: Diesel  

Photography: Alberto Madrid

This is something I get asked very often by people that come across my Instagram page, so with this post I'm going to explain and give you tips on how to take good "outfit of the day" pictures!

Tip #1

Choose the right outfit.

It is important to make your outfit look dope, nobody will "like" raggedy clothes so if you need to iron your shirt to make your look cleaner and add quality to the content then you definitely should! Also, make sure the pieces you're putting together for your outfit actually go together! 

Tip #2

Choose your Location

At least for me this is really important, being that there is a theme to my Instagram feed, I try to always shoot where there is white walls or modern architecture so that my content flows better. So according to what you're going for and what kind of outfit you put together, look for a location that will help your clothes stand out. 


Good Lighting

This is just as important as choosing the right location. Not only it makes it easier for filters to look better when your picture has good lighting but it also accentuates details of your outfit! Try to shoot your ootd pics outside in natural lighting, specially in early morning light since its not as harsh! 


Use a good Camera & Lens

I do use a DSLR camera for blog posts but I'm NO stranger to my trusty iPhone camera, in fact when it comes to IG I would say 95% of the content is shot with my phone. But this is where the 2 previous tip come into play, since it is a smaller, less powerful lens you need good lighting and location to get quality shots. Now, if you happen to have a DSLR camera I would suggest you invest on a 50 mm lens, which is what I used for these pictures! 


Have someone take your picture.

It is always best to have someone take your picture, specially if they know about photography. Sure, mirror pictures are a quick fix if you don't have anyone but so is a tripod and a remote, which I've used countless times :) though if you're going to use a remote make sure to hide it in your pocket or put your arm behind you so that its not visible for the shot. 


"Strike a pose, there's nothing to it" :)

Madonna said it best, don't be afraid to pose, it does not matter if you're being watched, IT IS OKAY! People don't really care. I personally like looking away from the camera, I think it gives the pictures a more effortless vibe and like you don't take yourself too seriously.  


I hope these tips helped and that I've answered some of your questions.

Till next time! Xx