4 Ways I've Made Extra Money in 2018!

4 Ways I've Made Extra Money in 2018!

Imagery by Vanessa Lovos

Let’s make that coin!

I don’t know about you guys, but I spend a good minute every day thinking of ways to make some extra cash. As sad as it sounds, adulting hits you like a ton of bricks, worrying about making ends meet is just part of life after your parents stop supporting you, thats just facts, at least that’s how my life is going lol. Money really does make the world go around, and specially for someone like me, I finance everything I do (photo shoots, promotions, buying clothes to create content with) my self, on top of that, add your regular life & daily needs, yes, it gets tough. So in todays post I thought I’d share with you guys some of the ways I’ve managed to stay afloat in the last few years!

“adulting hits you like a ton of bricks”

1.Selling & Reselling Online

This one is so easy you guys, I’ve sold clothes I no longer wear on Depop, and the process is such a breeze, the app even generates a shipping label for you. There’s a ton of apps out there to sell stuff on, check out OfferUp & PoshMark!

Also, reselling limited edition sneakers is an extremely lucrative side hustle in case you didn’t know! You just gotta stay put and keep up with lunch dates because these tend to sell out in minutes, hence people willing to spend extra just to cop a pair. I’ve sold shoes for double the prize before on StockX.

You can also try other things like phones, though I would imagine it’d be very hit or miss, regardless, when the new iPhone comes out every year, for example, it usually stays sold out for a week or two until stores get new shipments, that’d be your chance to sell it on eBay to some rich kid who isn’t willing to wait.


2.Using Affiliate Links

*Application required to join programs!

Using affiliate links is probably the easiest way I’ve made money out of the four. In case you didn’t know, most bloggers/influencers make a huge percentage of their income using this method.

An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate's (me) ID or username. In affiliate programs, advertisers use affiliate links to record the traffic that is sent to the advertiser's website. This action is all part of an affiliate program. You can either get paid a few cents a click or a commission percentage if the consumer actually buys a product!

So essentially, you join these programs and they provide you with links to clothing, shoes, accessories and most things you can purchase online, then when you share the link and your followers click on it you get rewarded by the specific brand/site you’re bringing exposure and traffic to.

I currently work with RewardStyle & Shop Style Collective however, there’s a few more of these programs out there, even Amazon participates on affiliate marketing, I’ve heard great things about their program though I’ve never tried it myself.

3.Instagram Promotions

*This one is more specific to people with somewhat of a bigger online following.

When I first started posting on Instagram as a “blogger” brands would offer to send free stuff so I could post with, which initially I’d always accept, but in the past two years, as I’ve started taking pictures on a regular, and putting more time and effort into content creating I started charging money.

In all honestly, about 70% of the brands who reach out quickly decline after I disclose there’s a fee per Instagram post, and that’s fine with me, if you can’t understand people need compensation for their time & efforts then we shouldn’t be working together in the first place. Don’t ever be embarrassed to charge for your services and talents, whether it’d be online or in real life!


4.Side Gigs

Out of all four, this is the one that requires the most physical labor. I actually got me a side job on the weekends. If you’ve read through some of my posts on here you would know I serve Saturdays & Sundays for a few hours in the morning at a local restaurant. Living in a seasonal town like Naples, serving is an easy way to make a quick buck, and because most of the money you make is based on tips, you walk out with cash in your pocket every day, its 2018, we love instant gratification!

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Thats it for now kids, I will be making a youtube video really soon that will go into further details and will contain more ways for extra income, so definitely stay tuned for that. Till’ next time. XX